‘Staying safe online- just how easy is it?’ seminar with Technorizon

On the morning of 9th May 2018 we held our seminar titled “staying safe online- just how easy is it?” in collaboration with Technorizon UK, a member of the Spanish Chamber. The seminar was given by Ricardo Ena, the company’s UK Regional Manager. After introducing himself, he kicked off the seminar by providing some background on the subject of cyber security and its prevalence in today’s society, giving recent examples of high profile cases that have featured in the news.


He then went on to talk about each in turn of the principal online security risks and how to avoid these. For example, he mentioned that it is advisable to unsubscribe from any apps or online accounts that are not regularly used, and to consider using a password manager. He also highlighted the risks that can be associated with near field communication (NFC) that we may not be aware of, as well as those of free WIFI and the use of mobile apps.

Following this, he went on to explain how to prevent these risks. He recommended covering lap top cameras, changing passwords every few months and updating software and applications whenever possible and appropriate. He ended by speaking about Technorizon, a provider of IT security and network management solutions which have branches in Dubai, India, Portugal and Spain.

The event was well received by all who attended, who enjoyed the opportunity to be actively involved in the seminar. Following Ricardo’s talk, participants had the opportunity to ask any questions they had to clarify any doubts and to receive extra advice. After this, everyone had the chance to network and exchange their opinions of the seminar over coffee and breakfast. It was clear that all had found it interesting and eye opening, and many even left with RFID blocking card holders and laptop camera blockers.

We would like to thank Technorizon for collaborating with us on this seminar, which was well received by all. To find out about further seminars and other networking events held by the Spanish Chamber, we encourage you to visit the Upcoming Events section of our website and also sign up to our fortnightly newsletter to keep informed about the Chamber’s activities.


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