On Tuesday 2nd February we held the XXXIII edition of our Elevator Pitch networking event which on this occasion took place at the Chamber’s offices in central London.

The event was chaired by Igor Urra, Secretary General at the Spanish Chamber, who began by explaining the format of the event:

-Participation is limited to one representative per company and a maximum of 16 companies can take part in each edition.

-Only two companies of the same sector can register for the event.



-Each attendee has two minutes to explain the work of his company to the other participants. Following this, everyone has the opportunity to ask questions to their fellow participants about their companies. Attendees then are able to network more informally and without the previous time constraints over a late breakfast.

On this occasion, a wide variety of sectors were represented among the 10 participating companies: Audiense (Communications, IT and Network), Babel (Business Consultancy Services), Desamianta (Construction), Diversitas Institute (Businness Consultancy Services), DLF (Transport of Good, Storage and Handling Goods), El Ibérico (Press and Publishing Services), Fastrack to Refocus (Coaching, Education, Training and Learning), Hotel Indigo Kensington (Hotels and Accommodation), Melia White House (Hotels and Accommodation), Stonehealth Clinic (Health).



We would like to thank all attendees who took part in this edition of the Elevator Pitch and we hope that they found it profitable.

If you have not yet participated in an Elevator Pitch event and are interested in doing so, we encourage you to keep an eye on our newsletter (released twice a month) as well as the UPCOMING EVENTS section of our website for information about the next one.


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