We would like to welcome LaLiga (Liga Nacional de Fútbol Profesional) as a new Benefactor of the Spanish Chamber.


LaLiga is a sports association made up of the clubs and public limited sports companies that compete in the professional ranks of Spanish football. Since 2010, the International Federation of Football History and Statistics has considered the top tier of the Spanish game to be the best league in the world, taking into account the record-breaking achievements of the competition’s clubs and players.

One of the main goals of LaLiga is to remain at the forefront of technological development and quality, providing the best service to the clubs and the best product to the fans. This additionally includes sports broadcasting utilising the latest advances in technology.

LaLiga consistently strives to ensure the sustainability of professional football. In this regard, LaLiga is committed to the fight against piracy along with the promotion of fair play in a competition free of match-fixing and which stands against all kind of violence.

LaLiga also works alongside of other sports federations throughout LaLiga4Sports, a platform that gives support to more than 60 sports federations. It also empowers women’s football and has a foundation to help create the supporters of the future on the basis of respect and integration.

Should you want to learn more about our new Benefactor, please visit their website:


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