Even with the continuous measures carried out by companies to prevent it, fraud continues being one of the main threats for companies all around the world, regardless of size, sector or country.

It is an increasing risk to businesses.  This risk is especially high for new businesses, or when entering into new markets or new ventures with untested associates. In addition, fraud can destroy your business, damage your reputation, cause huge financial loss, and have a negative impact on staff and client confidence.

At the same time, according to the former National Fraud Authority, fraudsters are incredibly inventive. They use a wide variety of means to target their victims and their single ambition is to deprive their victims of money without any concern for their well-being. In fact, according to the same source, the annual loss to the UK economy from fraud has reached £52 billion.


Managing the risk of fraud contributes to succeed in your business.

In order to help our members to prevent these kind of practices in their relationships with another companies, we are joining forces with Haymarket Risk Management Ltd, member of the Spanish Chamber, with which we will be organising the seminar “Fraud: Managing the Risk to your Business” on Tuesday 2nd February at our premises on Wigmore Street.

This seminar is aimed at anyone who wants to reduce the possibilities of being a victim of fraudsters or, at least, to know further information about some key types of fraudulent attack, common methodologies, and actions that business managers may consider to prevent fraud and mitigate the risk to their business.

Places are very limited and they will be offered free of charge for members. The full details of this activity, along with the registration form, can be accessed by clicking here.

Don’t miss the opportunity to fight against fraud!


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