We would like to welcome Codorníu Raventós as new Patron of the Spanish Chamber.


logo codorníu


Codorníu Raventós is synonymous to the history of a family of winegrowers which goes back to the XVI century. It is the oldest family business in Spain and one of the oldest in the world.

Today, the Group has 450 years of history behind it and eight wineries in the most important appellations within Spain, and two outside Spain – in California and Argentina. This expansion has made Codorníu Group one of the most prestigious wine-making companies in the world with the most expensive vineyard holding in Spain, owning more than 3000 hectares.

Codorníu Raventós has always been a company tightly linked with nature; they products come directly from the earth and they are strongly dependent on their environment. In the end, a good cava is made from premium quality grapes. That is why Codorníu  Raventós carefully selects its grapes and manages its vineyards meticulously. For many years now, it has applied sustainable wine-growing practices, allowing nature to run its course and only intervening when there are imbalances. Thus, Codorníu Raventós combines tradition and innovation in the cava making process controlling each stage of the process until the product reaches final consumers.

Should you want to know more about our new Patron, please visit their website:



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