We are pleased to introduce our new service Sponsored Postsaimed at giving the opportunity to members of the Spanish Chamber to share content and their expertise within our community. Let’s explain how this service works!

You only need to propose us a post on any issue or useful information related to the sector your company operates in. We would like to give some examples in order for you to get a better idea: if you are in the tourism sector you could perhaps tell us about the experience of travelling to different destinations, or if you offer language learning services, you could share some tips or mention common mistakes non-native speakers usually make.


What are the benefits associated to this great service?

On the one hand, sharing a post with our network enables you to provide an insight of what your company offers and engage with potential clients and partners. It is also a great window to showcase the activity your company performs via your brand image, your company logo and a direct link to your member profile which enhances the company’s visibility. For those members based in Spain, the sponsored post is a fantastic way to liaise with fellow companies that work from the UK.

This format also allows you to insert images and/ or multimedia content to enrich the information you would like to share with the Spanish Chambers’ audience and to encourage participation and interaction with you.

Each Sponsored post is offered at 75 £+ VAT for ordinary corporate members. Additionally, for Benefactors and Patron Member this service is included in the entitled services without any additional fee (limited to a certain number of post per category/year).

Please note that the post content is subject to approval.

As you are now familiar with the service “Sponsored Posts”, it’s time to get creative and start customizing your new post!!

Should you have any doubts about this interesting service, do not hesitate to contact us at .


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