Welcome to our fist Benefactor: HIJOS DE RIVERA!

Hijos de rivera

We are delighted to introduce Hijos de Rivera S.A. (Estrella Galicia) as the first Benefactor of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain.

Estrella Galicia is the flagship brand of this family owned business that is now managed by the 4th generation that now leads a global enterprise through the huge activity developed not only in the beer industry, but also in some other sectors such as mineral water, custom made drinks and the service industry.

Hijos de Rivera produces 144 million litres a year including the different beer brands in its A Coruña factory and it is currently present in Germany, Switzerland, Portugal and United Kingdom, and has established corporate subsidiaries in the USA, Brasil, Japan, China and Philippines.If you wish to learn more about the wide range of products, activities and events Hijos de Rivera is involved in, please visit: www.corporacionhijosderivera.com 

Let’s make a toast to this new membership with Estrella Galicia!

The Spanish Chamber has developed a new membership category: “Benefactor” with the aim to offer an intermediate level of membership, suitable for larger SME’s and companies that want to take their membership one step further and get a taste of our exclusive advantages for Patrons.

At present, “Benefactor” membership is available exclusively by invitation to existing corporate members of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain. If you would like to learn more about this new feature, please contact us at: spanishchamber@spanishchamber.co.uk


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