A New Domain for London


Dot London will make it easier for companies to associate their brand with London.

The internet is changing.  New top-level domains are now becoming available. Cities, brands, communities and other organisations are launching these new domains over the coming months.

London is a leading world city and a vibrant centre for business, investment, technology, creativity, education and tourism. Always at the forefront of digital innovations, London will be among the first to launch a new top-level domain – Dot London.

From 29th April 2014 London-based businesses, organisations, individuals, or those with an affiliation to London can purchase .london domain names. Dot London (.london)  is an alternative to existing domains such as .co.uk or .com which offers the opportunity to more closely associate business with the city and maximise internet presence for companies.

Who will be running Dot London?

The domain will be operated by Dot London Domains Limited, a subsidiary of London & Partners -Patrons of our Chamber-, London’s official promotional organisation.

All proceeds raised by dot London will be reinvested for the benefit of Londoners and London. The vision behind this project is to create a world-class, innovative and trusted top-level domain for London that will benefit Londoners and London-based businesses.

How does it work?

During the initial 3-month launch period starting on 29th April, Londoners can apply for the names that they want such as their business or trading name. Names will be allocated at the end of the period according to existing prior rights to a name. This way people who can demonstrate that the name they applied for is their business name or trademark will get priority. Auctions will be used in cases of multiple interests for the same domain name.

As with existing domain names, .london will be available for purchase through accredited registrars. Details of these registrars will be published in due course on the website www.mydotlondon.com.

For more information about .london, please visit www.mydotlondon.com  where you will be able to browse a FAQ section with further details about this initiative.


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