Today, we hosted the XV edition of our Elevator Pitch event. This networking event is focused on expanding the network of our participants and exploring the synergies among them.

We had 9 companies taking part in it this time around. For those of you that have never attended one or do not know how it works, there are just a couple of things you need to know before signing up for it: only one participant per company can attend, and there is scope for up to two companies from the same sector to partake in the event.


Participants sit facing everyone else so as to encourage interaction within the presentations.

The event was lead by the Secretary of the Chamber, Igor Urra, and by Rubén Fernández, our Head of Foreign Trade & Business Development, who gave the instructions to the participants. Each attendee had 2 minutes to give a concise, well-made presentation to summarise their company’s activities, and after this they had another 2 minutes in which they had the opportunity to ask any questions to the rest of the participants.

In this edition we have had a wide variety of sectors represented: Notaries, Recruitment, Drinks Distribution, Translation, IT Services, Finance, Language Studies and a Regional Development Agency.

As usual, it has been a really dynamic event in which the people taking part have had the opportunity to introduce their companies, chat to other professionals and establish new business relationships.


Attendees also had the chance to get to know each other better after the speeches.

Thank you to all the professionals who have been part of the XV edition of the Elevator Pitch! We are looking forward seeing you at another event soon!

If you missed this event or simply want to know what we are up to next, sneak a peek at the UPCOMING EVENTS section on our website or subscribe to our electronic newsletter for weekly updates.


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