Monthly Archives: May 2013


On Tuesday, 21st May, we were proud to host the “Leading Multicultural Teams” seminar, part of the “Leadership in Focus Forum” series, which was led by Mr. David Solomons from International House. As revealed at our Launch Event  in May, this event is the first of a series of sessions which will focus on honing leadershi skills for […]

Building Your Personal Brand

In 1997 Tom Peters wrote a seminal article titled “The Brand Called You”, for Fast Company Magazine, which introduced the concept of Personal Branding to a wider audience. Despite it being written more than 15 years ago, before many of the social media channels that are now considered essential for Personal Branding were even a […]

Tapas vs. Stuzzichini: a Mediterranean tradition

Despite the awful weather that we are having, Italians and Spaniards met up yesterday night to have a good time meeting new people. For the second time, the Spanish Chamber joined the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UK to host a great informal party at the DSTRKT London Club. In this occassion, the guests […]

What Makes a Good Manager?

A manager can make a huge difference in the mood, productivity and overall performance of a team. They can also alter the way a business functions by encouraging initiative and innovation, reducing waste and maximising the resources available to them. Therefore it is important that a manager affects these factors positively and moves their team […]


Today, we hosted the XV edition of our Elevator Pitch event. This networking event is focused on expanding the network of our participants and exploring the synergies among them. We had 9 companies taking part in it this time around. For those of you that have never attended one or do not know how it […]

Using Social Media to Recruit

Last year’s Social Recruiting Survey by Jobvite revealed that over 50% of companies recruit through Twitter, 2/3 use Facebook and nearly all of them use LinkedIn. Furthermore, since starting recruitment through social networking sites (also known as Social Recruiting), 49% of employers have reported more candidates to choose from, 43% have seen an increase in […]


We were thrilled to kick off our Leadership in Focus Forum with the launch event on 2nd May. The event was hosted at the International House premises in Covent Garden and was organised by the Spanish Chamber in collaboration with them, as well as with Avocets Consulting and Hill Networks, all of whom are members of […]