St. George’s Day at the Spanish Chamber of Commerce

St. George –  San.Jorge – Sant Jordi

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce, aiming to bring British and Spanish communities together, is not only promoting businesses between both markets, but also celebrating and linking cultural traditions. Today is St George, San Jorge or Sant Jordi, depending where you are from. There are different celebrations around many regions in England and Spain, but both countries share the same figure.

One of the most popular customs in Spain is the one that is celebrated mainly in Catalonia and it consists on men giving women one rose and women responding with a book. Saint George (Sant Jordi) is the patron saint of Catalonia coincides with another medieval custom of celebrating a Rose Fair or “Lovers’ Fair”. So this might  be the link, plus the fact that Shakespeare and Cervantes supposedly died on April the 23rd and therefore most countries celebrate the World Book Day.

We wanted to share our peculiar Anglo-Spanish St. Jordi in which the girls of the Spanish Chamber team have got a bunch of roses! Enjoy and do not forget to keep an eye on our website and join us in our forthcoming events!

2013-04-23 15.28.30

Spring has arrived to the Spanish Chamber premises


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